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Kerala Shadow Leather Puppet Play - the Venue
The Aryan Kavu Koothu Madam at Kavalappara, Palakkad District. Click to enlarge !seltmann.jpg

About 65 temples in Central Kerala have a Koothu Madam - the especially constructed theatre for Kerala Shadow Leather Puppet performances.

Screen shot, depicting the magic of Tolpava, the Shadow Puppet Play of Kerala. seltmann.jpg Scene from the Tamil epic Kamba Ramayana.
Model of Kerala Shadow Puppet Theatre
as used for stage performances

height: 200 cm
length: 520 cm
depth: 200 cm
21 oil lamps
The oil lamps are made out of coconuts cut in half, filled with coconut oil, provided with cotton wicks and placed equidistant from eachother on the Vilakku-madam (wooden beam) behind the cotton screen.


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